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Our journey so far

A history of growth and innovation. Regal Grange has grown from a small company based in West Australia, to an established agricultural investment company with interests locally and globally.


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  • Lefroy Valley Australia

      (LVA) is formed. 

  • LVA secures Royal Sluis distributorship for WA, followed by NZ in 1989

  • Expansion into NZ with formation of Lefroy Valley New Zealand.

  • Further expansion of Lefroy Valley with operations established in Victoria & Queensland.

  • Secured exclusive distributorship for Snowy River Seeds sweetcorn.

  • LVA and LVNZ lose Royal Sluis distributorship.

  • LVA secure exclusive distirbutors for Clause and United Genetics.

  • Establish Hygrotech Oceania as a soft impact Agchem business in conjunction with Hygrotech International, South Africa.

  • Regal Grange owns 100% of Hygrotech Oceania.

  • Decentralisation of LVA,

​      first significant seed

      tech sales and                  consolidation of                Victorian operations.

  • Consolidation of all Australian vegetable seed operations, followed by our first foray into field crops.

  • Lefroy Seeds established as an agricultural seed business in Toowoomba, Qld.

  • Seed Solutions Pty Ltd etablished as separate independent technology provider.

  • Agchem business merges with Plaaskem Australia to form Ekko, with shareholding through Wallabok Pty Ltd.

  • LVA re-locates to

      Seaford, Victoria.

  • Regal Grange

      increases equity in              Lefroy Seeds.

  • Merger of Ekko, Allfire and Kattlekare to form agVantage Pty Ltd with shareholding via

      Wallabok Pty Ltd.

  • Sale of Lefroy Seeds to Nufarm Ltd. Wallabok equity in AgVantage moved to 30%.

  • Purchase of 50% in Lennards Brook Farms, a water trading company.

  • Regal Grange acquires additional 27% of agVantage.

  • agVantage sells Allfire 

  • Regal Grange relocates to Seaford, Victoria.

  • Formation of Ipeco Pty. Ltd. as the holding company for agricultural technology & migration of intellectual property from Seed Solutions Pty Ltd.

  • Development of patented trace technology with Data Dot.

  • Formation of Agtechnix Pty  Ltd JV with Data Dot to market trace technology in agricultural context internationally.

  • Investment in Dutch&Thai seed science technology group, RRE and RRC, with access to International Seed Academy, a not-for-profit seedsmans training facility.

  • Formation of

      Regal Grange

      Corporate Pty Ltd, and        further consolidation of        operations & services.

  • Advancement of the AquaFerre vision with Riverside in order to merge property development with water supply solutions.

  • Expansion of Centor association in USA, with formation of AginnovationUSA in California, with IPECO taking 49% in shareholding

  • Strengthening of the Centor Group global concept and expansion with investment in Centor India.

  • ​​agVantage animal health division sold to Landmark Operations Ltd, a division of Agrium Inc.

  • August, Regal Grange acquire head office premises south east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

  • All Regal Grange Group companies re-locate to new premises.

  • Regal Grange divests in the Ekko Unit Trust, established originally as the vehicle for shareholding in Agvantage Pty Ltd Seed Solutions Pty Ltd ceases trading in crop protection products and activities.

  • Regal Grange continues funding and development of the water supply solution via Aqua Ferre

  • IJzerlo exists as a European Centor representative and member, leaving only distributors in Europe.

  • RRG exits as Centor member to pursue non-seed tech activities, but remains a distributor for South East Asia.

  • Establishment of third party blending partner in Europe.

  • Appointment of European distributor and welcome of new Centor Europe member with AgricSCT BV

  • Collie Water receives approval for a $37m project. 

  • Collie Water receives Government Grant of $190m for water project.

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