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Investing in our future

"The planet must produce more food in the next four decades than all farmers in history have harvested over the last 8000 years. That is because by 2050, the earth will be home to more than 10 billion people" - NFF Talking 2030


Our value creating strategies

We employ five overarching strategies in achieving the Group’s vision:

Innovation – we believe adaptability and innovation play a role in our long-term ability to survive and prosper. Innovation may take several forms, including the development of unique intellectual property or adapting business models. We strive to develop a culture that encourages and rewards initiative and creativity.

Growth – we believe in developing growth opportunities through entrepreneurial initiatives, focusing guidance and outcomes through the development stage to create growth and profit contribution.

Efficiency – supporting a process where improved business outcomes are leveraged with minimum cost. Across respective industries, this often translates to a lower cost of capital.

Commercial Excellence – we seek to strengthen existing businesses through operational excellence and financial discipline. We promote developing commercial and entrepreneurial  capability across our leadership teams.

Diversification – we believe that diversifying our portfolio in a balanced way leads to greater investment outcomes. Diversification enables improved risk management across sectors and geographies.

Our key enablers

One key attribute of this approach is the maintenance of a long-term focus and acting sustainably in the creation of value and the building of businesses. At a divisional level, detailed strategies are developed specific to the opportunities to advance each of our individual businesses. Each business operates with a high degree of autonomy.


The Group ensures the following key enablers are in place, with a goal of driving operational performance to best practise.

Right people – we seek to be an employer of choice. Striving to attract a diverse group of outstanding people and utilising their individual talents is essential in achieving sustainable success. We recognise that while great assets and strategies are critical, it is the right people who drive outcomes.

Empowering culture – we recognise that an empowering culture is essential to engendering accountability for delivering the results agreed upon through the Group’s corporate planning framework. We use stretch targets in objective settings and encourage team members to be proactive in driving value creation in their businesses.

Social responsibility – respect for team members, customers and suppliers and a relentless focus on providing safe workplaces are fundamental to the way that we operate.

This extends to social and environmental responsibility, maintaining high standards of ethical conduct, human rights, reducing our impact on the environment and community engagement.

Robust financial capacity – by maintaining a strong balance sheet, the Group aims to provide a competitive cost of, and access to, capital to allow investing in its existing portfolio of businesses and to act when value-creating opportunities present themselves.

Scalable – we endeavour to ensure our companies have the right structure, models, and processes in place to enable exponential growth.

Disruptive – we are interested in companies that have the potential to be “disruptive” in their target markets, having a technical radical approach to solving problems to provide a unique market advantage.

Sustainability – ensure sustainability of the businesses through responsible long-term management.

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