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Portfolio of Investments

Regal Grange is focused on the ownership, investment and development of innovative companies, primarily in the agricultural sector. The Group specialises in the provision of vegetable seed, seed applied technologies, water solutions and the exploitation of unique intellectual property. Our key strategies are currently focused around vegetable seed, seed technology and water solutions, all of which are highly successful and serviced from within our Corporate holdings.

With operations in Europe, Asia, USA, Australia & New Zealand, and investments/partnerships with some of the best agri solutions developers globally, we are constantly on the look-out for opportunities that complement and enhance our ability to grow profitable relationships. Over the years, Regal Grange has been fortunate to have attracted the right mix of people, who with their combination of technical knowledge and practical skill, have an affinity for the customer. We want to make a difference.

We take pride in maintaining a strong family culture that is reflected in our dealings and business practices.

A Regal Grange Corporate team operates from Melbourne and Perth to provide oversight on corporate, financial, legal, administrative, marketing and information services to the wider Group.

Regal Grange Investment Group has shareholding interests in the following entities.


For further information on each company, please click on the logos.

The primary seed applied products research and development arm of the Centor Group

Aginnovation combines innovative seed technology solutions with our customers’ high quality seeds and genetics to deliver value to local growers.

A small but dedicated team whose aim is to never lose touch with our customers by maintaining a strong ‘feet in the paddock’ philosophy.

Based in the Netherlands & Thailand,  the primary focus is offering total, customized, long lasting and profitable solutions to our customers. 

Centor India is focused on finding practical, innovative solutions for problems that grower’s face, by bringing new technologies to the table.

A young, dynamic and innovative Dutch company specializing in providing seed coating technologies and products, analytical equipment and services.

Lefroy Valley is a fiercely independent, wholly Australian owned professional vegetable seed company.

Aqua Ferre is a water solutions provider working across Western Australia on projects to assist in resolving some of the water supply issues.

Collie Water is a WA-based water company established to manage an industry-led solution to reduce salinity in Wellington Dam, the major water resource in WA’s South West.

Centor Oceania an independently owned business servicing the entire Asia Pacific with a wide range of seed applied and seed improvement technologies. 

A company with a mission to deliver seed technology solutions providing flexible focused agricultural solutions through customer partnerships.

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